Our Beautiful Fourche River Valley

Arkansas columnist Rex Nelson posted a wonderful report on our county’s beautiful Fourche River Valley. The Fourche is one of FIVE rivers that flow here. We are a water-rich oasis!

Except for those raised here, few Arkansans know much about these eastern Ozark hills. As a smallmouth bass fisherman, I’ve long been enchanted by this land of rivers. In addition to the Fourche, there’s the Spring, the South Fork, the Current, the Eleven Point, the Little Black and the Strawberry. more…


2nd Annual Great Eleven Point River Float

Over 160 people participated in the 2nd Annual Great Eleven Point River Float on July 13. Team J with 24 participants, led by Janessa Lynxwiler, won the competition to have the most participants in their group, receiving a $100 prize and a large trophy.

It was a beautiful day on the beautiful Eleven Point River, and everybody had a great time. Here are a few photos. Click to enlarge.

Like Swamps? We Have Some Nice Ones!

A county like ours, with 5 big rivers, will always have some old oxbow lakes and their associated bird-filled swamps. And since all the land around the swamps is now developed farmland with county roads everywhere, it’s easy to get up close to these wonders of nature.

Even from inside a car, you can get views like the ones below, and you can hear the sounds of the swamp, with insects seeking mates, and birds seeking insects!

Randolph County still has some wonderful and beautiful swamps, and no alligators! Photos by David Bowlin

Posted by Randolph County Tourism Association on Thursday, August 2, 2018