R.L. Hankins Mud Creek Upland WMA

This is a 1,025-acre tract that was deeded to the Commission in 1989 by the FMHA, as authorized by congressional act 616 of 1976. Located in Randolph County about ten miles north of Pocahontas, this area lies in the Ozark foothills region of the state. Previously used for cattle farming the property is comprised of 632 non forested acres and approximately 380 acres of upland hardwood timberland.

While this is one of the commissions smallest WMAs, at just over 1000 acres, for obvious reasons can not provide the same level of recreational opportunity to the public as larger areas, it is worthy of mention in this guide.

This is a small but scenic area, well suited to bird watching, hiking or photography. Interior roads are off limits to motor vehicles. No camping areas have been developed. Check the regulations guide for hunting season but overcrowding is often a problem due to the small size of the area.

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