Ravenden Springs is located in the vicinity of one of the oldest settlements in this section of the state. A revolutionary solder, John James, originally from Virginia, settled near here on the creek which bears his name. Ravenden Springs is located in the western part of Randolph County about 18 miles from Pocahontas and 6 miles from Ravenden in Lawrence County on Hwy 90 West. Ravenden Springs has many historical values like the canyon and the natural springs. Water from these springs was known to have healing powers. Come to Ravenden Springs and enjoy the fresh spring water. To this day, people drive many miles to capture this water.

One of the most historical features of Arkansas is the cave in the canyon where the first school was located and taught by Mr. Caleb Lindsey. The canyon gives a lot of opportunities for sportsmen and sightseers. The canyon is used for rock climbing, (it has about 150 feet cliffs), scenery walks, bird watching, and a special hidden treasure that you can find. (For more information on this hidden treasure, go to www.geocaching.com) The canyon has features commonly known as the “Lone Rock”, a tall free standing column of rock, the “Needles Eye”, “Ravens Den” and the “Devil’s Bathtub”, supposedly the water with no bottom.

The Ravenden Springs Community Center & Museum was once the school and is now used for community events, town meetings and houses the Museum, which is full of local history of this booming community. Located us 18 miles from Pocahontas on Scenic Hwy 90.

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