The Century Wall stands in Black River Overlook Park, along the west bank of the Black River, gazing toward the heart of downtown Pocahontas, beckoning those who pass by to stop, to think, to marvel, to enjoy, to celebrate, with 100 Americans, literally “etched in stone,” who in the 20th Century, has made a significant contribution to shaping this great nation of ours.

The Century Wall was dedicated on July 4, 2000.


Bank of Pocahontas, President John R. Jackson, JR.
Black River Technical College, President Richard Gaines
City of Pocahontas, May John M. Patrick
County of Randolph, Judge Michael K. Davis
First Community Bank, Chairman Frank E. Walden
Pocahontas Federal Savings & Loan, President James A. Edington
American Association of Community Colleges
Community College Humanities Association
National Endowment for the Humanities
Phi Theta Kappa

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