Reyno is a farming community with approximately 485 citizens. Though once cotton was the commodity of choice, now soybeans, corn and rice are grown.

Reyno is located between the Current River and the Black River. The area provides some of the best waterfowl hunting in the state of Arkansas. With the Dave Donaldson Wildlife Refuge located near by, the Reyno area offers excellent deer and turkey hunting as well. The Johnson Eddy Access to Current River ensures lots of water recreation fun for all ages. Whether floating, fishing, boating, water skiing, or jet skiing, the Current River in the Reyno area is a popular summertime rest, relaxation, and recreational get away.

There is a rich history of Reyno’s prominence buried with its citizens in the Nelson and Johnson Cemetery. Though worn from weather and age, the old City jail can also be seen still standing as a reminder of a time when the city was young and the taverns were wet.

“Old” US Highway 67 serves as Reyno’s main street. Also called Biggers-Reyno road for County purposes. Old Highway 67 was commissioned to be built in 1926. A section beginning in Datto, Arkansas, stretching through Reyno, and ending in Biggers, Arkansas is now listed in the National Historic Register.

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