Randolph County has an active and vibrant colony of local artists.  Downtown Pocahontas currently has some excellent art galleries.

Black River Beads and Pottery at 213 E. Broadway, a half block off the historic court square, features the work of resident artists  James and Mandy Tinker who create hand crafted lamp work beads and jewelry, custom artisan glass art, stoneware wheel thrown and hand built pottery, quilting fabrics, and the works of over 20 local artists.  See blackriverbeads.com.

Camera Corner Studio at 200 E. Everett Street on the NE corner of the historic court square displays art photography by James and Cindy Throgmorton who’ve been creating art photography for over 50 years.

The Gallery on the Square, located at 103 N. Marr St., has become one of the regions premiere art venues since it opened two years ago.  Gallery owner, Jean Pearcy, known as the artist R.J. Reynolds, displays her own work and that of some 25 local artists in her studio/gallery.  Also featured is the art of nationally known artist, Andre’ Foreman of Louisville, KY.

The Randolph County Artists’ Guild meets the first Monday of each month at The Gallery.

The Gallery on the Square is open at various times each week, open for all downtown functions, and will open any time by appointment. Call (870) 810-0918

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