Salt & Pepper Shakers on Display at Randolph County Heritage Museum

The Randolph County Heritage Museum is hosting the 2nd exhibit of Violetta G. Dickson and Eugenia I. Dickson Parker salt and pepper collection.  This collection of over 2500 salt and pepper shakers was donated to the Museum by their grandson and son, Michael Parker.  With such a large collection, the Museum will host several exhibits each different from the others. 
The Museum also has a new exhibit of feather crowns.  These are found in feather pillows and beds after a person dies.  Superstition says this if a feather crown is found the person has gone to heaven.  The feathers go in one direction forming a cluster or crown.
Come by the Museum at 106 East Everett and see our new exhibits.  Open 10-4 weekdays and 10-1 Saturdays.  Closed Wednesday.