Many Improvements at Davidsonville Historic State Park

The new visitor center is 3500 square foot with gift shop and interpretive exhibit gallery. The exhibit gallery has a life sized hunter-trappers flatboat. The boat represents a flatboat from the 1820’s that was used to travel the rivers for trade or commerce. New interpretive panels have been installed, along with, audio sticks that help tell the story of Davidsonville and what life was like during territorial Arkansas.

The ghost structures represent what archaeologist and park staff thinks the buildings during the time of Davidsonville (1815-1827) might have looked like. The structures represent two-story, brick courthouse (first courthouse in Arkansas) and a two story dog-trot dwelling–the first US post office in Arkansas. The link below dives in the 3D world of Davidsonville. This was completed by the UofA 3D CAST department out of Fayetteville. They will also be on display for visitors soon at the new visitor center.

The campground is undergoing a complete renovation and the renovations should be complete in September. There will be total of 20 campsites when the renovation is complete. Twelve campsites will have water, sewer, and 50-amp electric and eight campsites will have water and 50-amp electric.

Davidsonville Historic State Park hosts Archeology Day

March 19, 2016 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

March is Arkansas Archeology Month! Archeology has played an important role in what we know about the town of Davidsonville. In honor of the work that has been done at Davidsonville Historic State Park we will be offering the following activities:

  • 10 a.m. Davidsonville Town Site Tour – This walking tour will start at the new visitor center and travel around the town’s public square and courthouse. The tour will cover the history of the town and unique stories of the town. Tour should last 45 minutes and cover ½ mile.
  • 11a.m. The de Mun Flatboat – Meet at the new visitor center for a short discussion and child’s activity about the replica 1820’s hunter-trapper flatboat and the supplies it carries.
  • 12 p.m. Artifact Station – The artifact station will introduce visitors to the various kinds of “treasures” archeologists study and they will learn how to tell if something even an artifact. Visitors will get hands on practice in sorting artifacts and can even try their hand at washing real artifacts from an actual archeological excavation. Come get your hands dirty and discover ancient history!
  • 1 p.m. Primitive Hunting – At the primitive tools and weapons station, visitors will find out that prehistoric American Indians in the region actually had “technology” and that while the “primitive” weapons were old, they were incredibly efficient for the tasks that were required of American Indian life. It will be blow-darting, spear-throwing, pump-drilling good time!

Park staff will be available to help answer any questions concerning the flatboat and history of the park. Refreshments will be available for all park visitors until we run out.

Davidsonville Lecture Series

November 14, 2015 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Join us at Davidsonville Historic State Park to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Davidsonville’s creation. Presentations will be given by professors Brooks Blevins, George Lankford, Blake Perkins and local historian Steven Saunders. Topics will focus on the early history of northeast Arkansas and Davidsonville including the roles of women in the area, why the town was created and why it died out so quickly. The event is free of charge but a $5 Dutch oven lunch will be available for those who pre-register by November 9. If you choose to not register for lunch please bring your own. Six professional development hours will be given to teachers who attend the entire event. For more details and to register please call 870-892-4708.