Museume to Host Book Signing with Ed Bethune

Ed Bethune will launch the World War II story with a talk and book signing at the Randolph County Heritage Museum on Friday, July 22nd at 1:00 p.m.

The former 2nd District Congressman was born in Pocahontas, graduated from Pocahontas High School, practiced law and was deputy prosecuting attorney in Randolph County before becoming a special agent of the FBI.  While living in Pocahontas, his wife, Lana, taught English at Pocahontas High School.  He is the author of 3 books which are available at the museum:  Jackhammered, his memoir which includes the story of their rescue at sea in 1990; Gay Panic in the Ozarks, a legal thriller that has a photo of the Randolph County Courthouse on the cover. His new novel, A Pearl for Kizzy, has a fictional setting on the Black River.

As a long time member and supporter of the museum, Bethune will donate all proceeds from book sales to the Heritage Museum.

About A Pearl for Kizzy

49210703_High Resolution Front Cover_6302041Kizzy, a spirited child, lives with her family on a one-room ramshackle houseboat in Big Pearl, Arkansas. They fish, dig for mussels, look for pearls, and sell the shells to the button factory. It is a crude life made harder by the Great Depression, natural disasters, and prejudice.

At the onset of World War II, Kizzy befriends a young boy—a refugee from Nazi Germany—and a cultured young woman who encourages her to read and learn from Jane Austen’s books.

Kizzy yearns for a better life, but as she comes of age her dream of getting off the river is threatened by the evil Bully Bigshot and his Eugenics Center, a corrupt outfit that wants to rid the world of “river rats” like her through abortion and “better breeding.” … And there is Cormac, the lascivious man Kizzy calls her “make-do stepfather.”

Kizzy’s struggle mimics today’s culture war. Daring, but realistic, the novel examines love, pride, compassion, courage, hope, morality, and duty—the things that inform and shape our destiny.


Davidsonville Lecture Series

November 14, 2015 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Join us at Davidsonville Historic State Park to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Davidsonville’s creation. Presentations will be given by professors Brooks Blevins, George Lankford, Blake Perkins and local historian Steven Saunders. Topics will focus on the early history of northeast Arkansas and Davidsonville including the roles of women in the area, why the town was created and why it died out so quickly. The event is free of charge but a $5 Dutch oven lunch will be available for those who pre-register by November 9. If you choose to not register for lunch please bring your own. Six professional development hours will be given to teachers who attend the entire event. For more details and to register please call 870-892-4708.