Camping on Spring River

Video of Spring River at sunset.

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hummingbirds in Pocahontas, AR

Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbirds are now welcome in downtown Pocahontas.  Several businesses in the downtown National Historic District have hung feeders for hummers outside hoping the little fellows will discover this abundant food source and start hanging around.  People of all ages seem to enjoy the antics of these amazing birds.  Ours are all ruby throated hummers who’ve recently arrived from South America on their annual journey north. Thy seem to really appreciate the welcoming gesture  of their favorite food, sugar water.  At the same time, their arrival is timed to coincide with the spring flowering of trees–they even seem to visit the oak catkins now hanging  abundantly in our local forests.

Bird Watching in Randolph County

[fancy_box]By guest author Dr. Pat Carroll of Lesmeister Guesthouse & The St. Charles[/fancy_box]

Birding (bird watching) is very popular here due to Randolph County’s location on two of the main bird migration routes in the U. S.—the Central Flyway and the Mississippi Flyway. These merge just north of us, and their routes narrow here, concentrating the bird population as many, many bird species use these routes when flying to and from South America and the Caribbean during their seasons of migration, many nesting here each year. When birding here, be sure to watch for bald eagles, white pelicans, and the rare and feared extinct ivory billed woodpecker.

Our county offers excellent opportunities for bird watching as it contains both the uplands of the Ozarks and the wetlands of the Mississippi Delta. Two of the best spots for observing birds are the county’s two Wildlife Management Areas (WMA).

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